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        Welcome to the AnHui XieTong Bearing Stocks Co.,Ltd.    
        Sales Hotline: 0559-6527109
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        The announcement :
          CO-CB Bearing produces bearings with inner diameters ranging from Φ3 to Φ160 for the applications in auto gearboxes, high-end industrial motors, brand home appliances, computer hard drives and fans, construction machinery, light industry, etc ...
          AnHui XieTong Bearing Stocks Co.,Ltd, and began to focus on the manufacturing of 0-class precision deep groove ball bearings characterized by low-noise and long life driven by the developing trends in the bearing market...
          The company has been ISO9001: 2008 certificated, and now works on the full implementation of TS16949: 2008 automotive quality management system. The company has been granted by the Ministry of...
        Service telephone
        Tel:0086-559-6527109 6539688
        Add:Ziguang Road,Shexian?Economic Development Zone, Anhui Huangshan,China